New York Times†bestselling author Axie Oh’s†ASAP†is the much anticipated companion novel to beloved romance†XOXO,†following fan favorites Sori, the wealthy daughter of a K-pop company owner, and Nathaniel, her K-pop star ex-boyfriend, in a swoon-worthy second chance love story.

Sori has worked her whole life to become a K-pop idol, until she realizes she doesnít want a life forever in the spotlight. But thatís not actually up to Soriósheís caught between her exacting motherís entertainment company and her fatherís presidential aspirations. And as the pressure to keep her flawless public image grows, the last person she should be thinking about is her ex-boyfriend.

Nathaniel is off limitsóshe knows this. A member of one of the biggest K-pop bands in the world and forbidden from dating, he isnít any more of an option now than he was two years ago. Still, she canít forget that their whirlwind romance was the last time she remembers being really happy. Or that his family welcomed her into their home when she needed it most. . . .

So when Nathaniel finds himself rocked by scandal, Sori offers him a hideaway with her. And back in close quarters, itís hard to deny their old feelings. But when Sori gets an opportunity to break free from her parentís expectations, she will have to decide: Is her future worth sacrificing for a second chance at love?

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ASAP will be published in the following territories:†Spain, Italy, Germany, Serbia, Turkey, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Hungary, Indonesia, and France.

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